3 Essential Meditations

Hello again dear friend.

I’m really glad you chose to learn more about the guided meditations!

Throughout the eBook you will learn the 3 Core Meditations for building a foundation of lasting happiness:

  1. Inherent Wholeness Meditation
  2. Silent Meditation
  3. Pure Consciousness Meditation

Each meditation presents a different angle to form a solid understanding and experience of true happiness and peace.

  • Inherent Wholeness Meditation – shows you experientially, how by allowing yourself to be without expectations and by simply examining your current experience, you find a wonderful sense of wholeness. Wholeness is a synonym for happiness.

  • Silent Meditation – shows you how by actually doing less and less you become more and more happy and peaceful. Quite the contrary to what you were taught isn’t it? But that’s the truth.

  • Pure Consciousness Meditation – shows you that your very sense of self that you call “I”, holds within it the very secret experience, the very nectar of happiness itself.


In the eBook you will have all the instructions for these 3 Core Meditations.

However, I’d like you to have the ability to extract the full potential of these precious meditations. This is why I created the 3 Core Meditation Recordings that you can download here.

These recordings will simply let you enjoy the full benefit of the meditations and thus increase your confidence and joy in the experience of happiness.

In addition, as already previously stated, you will be able to download these meditations and have them with you wherever and whenever you want (while having a walk in the woods, on the train, on a flight, while lying in bed etc…).

 Hopefully this will support your practice and deepen it. For my students this is a great help and I’m confident it will be the same for you as well.

That’s all my friend. I wish you a wonderful and fruitful meditation experience!