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“Numbers are not just dead symbols on a paper. They are living beings, vivid energies. As a matter of fact they are story-tellers. As you get to know them better you realize that they can reveal to you the deepest secrets of your life journey.” – Tom Eckert

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Insights, posts and articles about numerology, spirituality, meditation and wisdom.

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There is nothing more beautiful to see a person that felt stuck for so long, suddenly feeling free, creative and on track again. Our inner wisdom can definitely do miracles!

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Toms’ readings helped me to categorize and understand better the current challenges in my life. I was impressed by the accuracy of numerology, how it’s not talking about general things but pointing out specific issues. Tom really knows how to give you a vivid impression of the numbers’ magic, choosing words carefully to not influence you in any direction.” [client_name]Jessi[/client_name][/testimonial] [testimonial] I absolutely loved it. I never had a numerology reading done before and I was a bit sceptical but the reading was shockingly accurate and Tom helped me to get a deeper understanding of myself and my life. I highly recommend him!!!
[client_name]Frederik[/client_name][/testimonial] [testimonial] After working with Tom for more than 2 years I could say probably a lot more than a few words, but would like to keep it short:
I learned to see different options of acting/behaving in a moment of a crisis – in other words, honoring the contractions of life because of the learning what might be hidden there, and  also learning how to expand, experience the body-mind-complex in a more potent way. I also recognized a change in my way of communication. Growing into self-confidence  and integration of different aspects of my being. Experiencing deep inner joy and peace.

I highly recommend Tom as a wonderful human and coach, who is able to create a safe and warm atmosphere, in which he guides your processes with his huge knowledge, his openness and his big heart!    [client_name]Markus[/client_name][/testimonial] [testimonial] When I started working with Tom I was going through a big crisis, feeling so lonely, uninspired, more undergoing life than fully living it. I had the chance to meet Tom at the right moment, he is such an open and compassionate person, one feels safe in his presence. He opened a space where I could explore and grow, each session we had was a revelation. I learned so much about myself, I also learned how to accept things as they are, be open and confident about life. I appreciated how Tom could sense and direct our sessions exactly the way that was right for me. I gained confidence through the sessions and became more and more connected to life, more joyful, I acted from a completely different place. I am really thankful to Tom for giving me this chance, he not only gave practical and effective techniques to work with but also his presence, wisdom and a beautiful space to grow.   [client_name]Joher[/client_name][/testimonial] [/testimonial_wrap]